Pre Op

It was the day of my pre op and I’m actually feeling extremely nervous. I had to get a blood test which involves needles and I am very scared of needles. The whole build up to it was horrible. I panicked and worried for ages until I had to go back to the hospital. When I got there the wait was pretty quick. I was actually so so scared waking into that room. My family assured me that it wouldn’t hurt and I would be fine. I didn’t believe them. Luckily we were doing the blood test last. We began with height and weight. The blood pressure, heart rate. I had to have these wires connecting to me and I couldnt move until it’s done. It was really weird but kind of interesting at the same time. Now it had finally come for the part that I was incredibly terrified for. I had been given numbing cream before hand so they took it off and it felt so weird. I couldn’t feel anything when someone put pressure on it. They sat me down and put a tourniquet on me to make my veins pop out. My veins were so thin so they didn’t know what to do. I was panicking and I was so terrified when they brought the needle out. I looked at my mum who was holding my hand as they inserted the needle into my skin. It was a tiny quick pain that in a way I almost liked. They could only get one blood bottle out of that so I started to cry thinking they were gonna give me eight needles to give me the eight bottles they needed. They had to bring in another person to try get more. They poked my arm again next to the last one and couldn’t get anything. They kept calling themselves vampires which made me feel better as I have some sort of fascination with vampires.😂 They poked me on the other arm and still couldn’t get any. I was starting to get really upset and just wanted it to be over. They had no choice but to try one more time and they poked it in and it hurt and stung so much. I later found out that they had no choice but to poke me where the numbing cream wasn’t and I am still kind of upset about that. Then again if they told me I wouldn’t of let them do it. It was finally over. I wa ask relieved and proud that managed to keep it some what together. In the end I got to see my blood in the bottles which looked very cool actually. That made it a bit more worth it. Below me is my old x Ray of my spine. It isn’t up to date anymore and it is now bigger

Scroll further down to look at my previous section about my talk the surgeon. 

8 thoughts on “Pre Op

  1. Darling Faith. It’s always so interesting to read your honest account of your treatment. You’re amazing! I know it’s not easy but try not to get worried – although feeling nervous etc is perfectly normal. Remember these people are highly skilled and will look after you. I’m so proud of you. Love u xxxxxxx

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  2. Faith you are being so so brave and strong, well done darling…p.s you definitely get your fascination with vampires from your mumma 😂😍

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  3. Aw faith! Reading your blog give me goosebumps for somebody of you’re age to experience something so big and daunting and the way your handling everything! I think you’re doing truly incredible! You’re being so brave about the whole thing! Well done pretty lady.. and a massive good luck with your operation! Xx

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  4. You are such an amazingly strong and brave girl Faith! Your mum and dad are so proud of you and rightly so! You will smash this journey! Love reading your blog! Fascinating! 🥰

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