Finally after weeks of waiting, I went to my first physiotherapy session. I was rather nervous I have got to say as I didn’t really know what to expect. We sat in the waiting room for my therapist to come over and bring me to where we were gonna discuss my condition. When she came, we went behind one of many curtains and sat down. She asked me what I have been feeling lately and what the pain felt like. I explained to her what I was feeling and how I discovered that I had scoliosis. She wanted to take a look at it so I raised my shirt and bent down so she could see the curvature of my spine. She then began to feel each side of my back to see what it is like. One side is really tough and constantly working to keep my posture which causes stress on that side of my back. The other side felt normal like any other back. She said I also have tense leg muscles that need to be stretched and loosened up along with my hips and shoulders. I laid down on the bed as instructed and she started to show me multiple stretches for the tense areas. Near the end of the session I was handed a booklet full of the stretches that I need to do twice a day everyday. I must admit it can be hard to remember and do them twice a day but I know that at the end of the day, this will all help my back.

3 thoughts on “Physiotherapy

  1. You’ll notice such an improvement with physiotherapy! I work alongside physios in a hospital and they are brilliant at reducing pain and helping with mobility. Maybe try setting reminders on your phone to help you to remember to do your exercises each day before and after school xxx

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  2. What a strong inspirational young woman you are , you take everything in your stride and are so positive x well done faith you are the bravest 12 year old I’ve met xx see you soon love Becky Courtney Hannah and grumpy

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