Now after my physio assigned me to hydrotherapy lessons, I was pretty excited as I felt like it was gonna make stretching more fun. I woke up on a Thursday morning rather excited to start this. For my birthday my mum brought me a few things that I could use while we were there so I came fully prepared and ready to try this out. We got to the hospital and headed down to where we were meant to be. The pool was a lot smaller than I expected and already had a few kids younger than me in there. I saw my physio and she told me to quickly change into swimming clothes and have a shower. I suddenly became slightly nervous but I really wasn’t sure why. I usually always get butterfly’s in my stomach before swimming anyway so it was probably from the excitement! I quickly jumped in the shower for a minute and got out to get into the pool.

The pool was very warm and was definitely not at the normal temperature of your regular swimming pool at a leisure centre. My physio showed me one stretch at a time showing me the right way to do it and correcting me if I was doing something slightly wrong. It was actually relaxing and refreshing to stretch in the water. I used many bits of equipment like floats,rings and more. It is always good to know that I’m helping myself by doing this and it pushed to go that little bit further to make even more progress. Once it was done I got out and showered quickly again and got changed out of my swim suit. Id like to say I really recommend trying this out as it is an effective and fun activity to do. I’ve done this every Thursday for half an hour until a few weeks ago.

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