Honestly, trying to get an orthopaedic appointment wasn’t any easier. But we did end up getting an appointment. After getting to the hospital we had to sit down and wait for someone to take me for an x ray. I was more excited rather than nervous to get my x ray done as I could finally see and know how big my curve is. Eventually, I was called to go to get my x ray. I had to remove all metal from my body otherwise it would interfere with the quality of the x ray. I stood in a room with big machines and interesting technology. My parents stood behind the glass with the computer and other equipment. The women set up the machine and I had to stand in an instructed position and stay as still as I possibly could. When they were scanning I didn’t feel a thing and I expected to feel something yet there was nothing but the sound of the x ray machine doing its thing.

Once it was done, I was super exited to see the real thing. We had to now go to the orthopaedic and see what the thought of it. I went in and shook hands with the orthopaedic and sat down. I explained everything I felt as I did at all appointments then he put the x ray up on the screen. He started by saying that I most definitely have scoliosis and that its rather severe. He said that the degree of the top angle was over 55 degrees. That was shocking to all of us. I was told to seek a surgeon to know what to do next.

My next section will be on my first session of Hydrotherapy.

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